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Prof. Tarek Ismail's
College of Mass Communication, Ajman University, The United Arab Emirates

BIO: Tarek Ismail Mohamed is a professor at Graphic Design – College of Mass Communication – Ajman University- U.A.E. He is a specialist in Product Design and 3D Visual Communication by Computer. He worked as a design educator in the Product Design Department at the College of Applied Arts, Helwan University – Egypt, from 1990 to 1996. Then he moved to Germany to get a Ph.D. in collaboration with the College of Fine Arts (H.B.K.) in Braunschweig –from 1996 to 1999. The Ph.D. theme entitled "Establishing an educational form organization program given the utilization of computers in industrial design."
He worked in Saudi Arabia Universities in Art Pedagogy and Education Technology department at King Khaled University and Al Qassim University. He participated in a lot of product design and projects expeditions. Later he became the head of the Computer Science Department. He got a full professor of Product Design in 2009. In 2010, he headed the Graphic Design department in the College of Mass Communication at Ajman University in the United Arab Emirates. Prof. Tarek Ismail has published several books in Product Design, Design by Computer, Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, Interactive Design, Design Basics, Virtual Reality, and 3D Design.
In 2019, Prof. Dr. Tarek Ismail got a product design consultant position from the Egyptian Designers Syndicate, which qualifies him to manage and direct many activities, industrial projects, and product design. He published several papers in International Conferences and Journals indexed by Scopus (QI) in Germany, Egypt, the U.S.A., Japan, Turkey, Kuwait, Emirates, Netherland, Spain, and Greece. Finally, he got a grant from Microsoft for Covid 19 Research; the grant topic is "Applying the health criteria in everyday product design in light of the coronavirus pandemic." He is a reviewer and editor in different Journals.




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